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ART 2023

From 2018 to 2023 I came back to art, seriously. I had the chance to paint a globo for a charity project and then I felt pushed to restart expressing myself through art. So I went back to my old paintings which may be could be still contemporary and realized some new pieces 2 Persons, speaking and listening to each other the face outline which become a frontal face, a unique person, able to communicate and create synergies through people. Infinity 2018-2020, a triptych representing the caos, a spiral and a person, tree of the universe energies. Ipad 2019-2020, the multiplicity of people through the infinitive reproduction of their profiles, a cut dedicated to Fontana and Caos universal where colors and dynamism swamp the observer ina mind whirlpool. A digital swan made of multiple colors and harmonic lines. And then some of the innumerable previous pieces through different eyes as I am a different person today. In one word, my LOVE for life.


Via Caprera 14 Lesa 28040 Lesa NO Italy - IT08816020153

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