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Artigianato a Palazzo - Palazzo Corsini - Florence September 2021 Ricette di Famiglia. A Kitchen small Scenography. Artigianato a Palazzo is an idea of Mr. Neri Torrigiani and promoted by princess Giorgiana Corsini to reevaluate the craft works aging the craft workers figure in the contemporary times as a modern expression of a ancient quality and technic. Mrs Annamaria Tossani is in charge of the press and art direction. The design of the kitchen scenography was dedicated to the “Ricette in Famiglia” event, a high end a gourmet live television program, part of Artigianato a palazzo fair at Palazzo Corsini in Florence; The intent is to design an elegant but traditional kitchen area where elite chefs will cook Italian family receipts. The location is the beautiful internal garden of the palazzo where a tent becomes the grove of the event area; The intention is not to reply a typical Italian rural kitchen but a scenography where elegance and functionality are highlighted by materials and colors decorated with art; The main character of the design is a wood panel decorated with a pattern which recall a grass meadow. This paneling is a patent model owned by Cortigiani Carpentry, a craft company in Poggibonsi in the Province of Siena. The detail of the finishing of the panel is multiple vertical lines excavated in different depth and length; this detail diversifies the rhythm of the lines donating dynamism to the portrayal of the panel; The lines stop before the edge of the panel toning down the decoration having a smooth edge of the paneling; The same panel is used for the frontal cooking desk along all the sides and for the two short edge panels which delimitate the background decorated with paintings inspired by the history of the family, owner of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence. Behind the background paneling a number of shelves allocate vases for plants and flowers which will descent along the front of the paneling integrating the scenography in a nature mood. Partners

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