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DXA WS2 2021

DXA / Design 4 Architecure Polidesign Milano. Workshop # 2 Growing the Domestic Culture. Goal: Designing a living pod somewhere for someone. Group # 1: Changing Lives Merging two different paths to change lives of people İrem Şendinç - Raman Loya - Maria Alejandra Espindola The pod for bikers and not only; Dedicated to professionals cyclists participating at the Giro d‘Italia 2021 this pod is design to perform several services as relax, technical assistance, parking and promotes human relationships; It has an organic shape to donate a harmonic mood through natural materials, colors and a specific interior design with specialist furniture; Healthy Drinks, food and energy nutritional products are supplied and sold in specific dispensers. The pod is also for food delivery guys, amateurs, people cycling to work or around town; An opening to pedestrians, moms with children young boys and people in general make this pod universal, repayable and economically convenient for public administrations and private customers as well. Group # 2: a homeless is MORE Malak El Sayed 02 Daniela Bustos Anthony Moarkech Giovanni Dall’Asta A capsule inspired by homeless life style, in the full respect ot heir spirit, habits and freedom desire; This pod is designed for two uses in an urban scene: - Between two buildings to become a multiple uses item from recover unit to Airbnb location following a social need but also an economical interpretation; - Under a bridge as a typical homeless refuge in the spirit of offering a solid recover for a linted time with basic services; The designed shape is organic and harmonic, using cylinder from industrial standard production to limitate the construction, even in a small number of units; The needs are Sleep, Physical needs, Quietness, Security, Breath non recycled air, Sun light, Protection from water, Safety The requirements are Enable to sleep, Enable the user to evacuate, Silence, An environment not reachable by other people, Cross ventilation, Flow of air, Right exposure to sun, Provide a dry environment, An environment not flammable, not collapse The features include an entrance rolling ladder, a bed, toilet and douchette, Phonoinsulation material, Closing system, Windows in 2 sides, Opening roof, Non flammable material, structure attached to the bridge The main material is fiberglass and recycled soft non-toxic and cleanable materials characterize the interior design fixtures; a specific light system provides the correct mood in the darknes. Group # 3: WATER IS LIFE KHATRI MONIKA POZZI MARCO ZOUEIN RHEA What: Ensure availability and sustainable management of drinkable water for all Why: Global crisis caused by insufficient water supply to satisfy basic human needs Who: 2.2 Billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services (WHO/UNICEF 2019) Where: Worldwide - From developing countries to some of the world’s most remote communities How: Educating and sharing the know-how of acquiring and sustaining clean drinkable water The design represents a tower which allows the collection of water from the wind through the condensation of the air, as condensation is the process in which gas changes into a liquid when it touches a cooler surface; The mesh netting is where the condensation of water droplets appear. It consists of filaments knitted together with small openings; The materials are fishing nets. The most optimal mesh netting is the size of three to four human hairs with holes that are twice as big as the filament. The filter system works with the help of small rocks and sand, the solid particles and dirt are taken away. Charcoal removes impurities and bad bacteria present The rain water catchment is made by a banana leaves cap which collects the rain and lets it in to the tower; Designed and constructed based on innovation, eco friendliness & biodegradable infrastructures, the tower Is easily buildable by normal people in a short term of time with simple tools; The social value of the projects connects people to independent behaving, better life and a social crossing of relationships.

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