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The earth, the planet, what a wonderful world! Usually I express my art on transparent surfaces, I tell about signs and colors without a blind background which usually supports the painting which is also the delimitation of the art expression; the transparent surface I piant on its only a lean, a middle item and some times an inconsistent filter always detached from the space’s surfaces where the art piece is installed; the graphic signs and the colors play with the light projecting shadows wich live and move around as for the different view points; my art is hearth, thoughts, dexterity, vision and sentiment of a person even if you think about a person then about nature and fauna; The Globo, the earth, our planet, our habitat: the most precious treasure we have. How do I fell the planet; Transparent to see the other side Transparent to mix the sun with the moon or the moon with the sun…….and what about the stars? Transparent to see the faces of the other side Transparent so nobody could trick against it Transparent to be able to play with the seals and the wales Transparent to fly with the hawks, the seagulls and the butterflies. But this is not the case! So I do it my way, I paint a mirror as polished steel; the coarse men’s hand which produces an invasive and aggressive item; and I decorate it with my dreams, my moods, my signs and colors; thesys-antithesys, the polished mirror effect as the opposite of a transparent surface; synthesis, silver oceans, polluted but still alive, white continents in the hope that they could be purified soon and then my signs and colors, my sensations and my state of mind; my Globo si made out of nature, fauna and flora, substance and persons who speak to each other and listen to other perosns speaking; my Globo is optimism! My Globo is made out of persons which have to listen to nature, who I hope will stop killing the planet in the future polluting and modifying it making it uninhabitable in a short term of time; persons who have the duty to save the planet, mother of all the forms of life, already in contact with other planets’ inhabitants;

Via Caprera 14 Lesa 28040 Lesa NO Italy - IT08816020153

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